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Blue Jays Place Lawrie On Disabled List - RealGM Wiretap
The Blue Jays have lost Brett Lawrie Womens Kenneth Faried Jersey , who will start the season on the disabled list because of a strained rib.

Lawrie felt discomfort in his left side during an exhibition game with Canada’s World Baseball Classic team against the Reds on March 6.

“I can’t give a timetable, it’s so hard,” Lawrie said. “Everyone asks me every day, ‘How does it feel?’ It feels fine, to be quite honest with you, but it just does not feel like my other side and that’s a problem. It raises a red flag to myself.

“You can’t go out there and expect to be who you are if everything doesn’t click. Sure, you could go out there and suck it up for a few games, but what happens when I have to go back to the manager and say ‘Yeah it’s sore,’ and then I have to go through this whole process again?”

Masahiro Tanaka Wont Alter Pitching Style - RealGM Wiretap

Masahiro Tanaka is more concerned about remaining healthy for the rest of the season than rushing back to the struggling New York Yankees.

“I’m going to have to oversee my body a little bit better,” Tanaka said through a translator. “But I can’t go into detail.”

The right-hander insisted that he won’t alter his pitching style as he returns from an elbow injury.

“I’ll be the same Womens Jusuf Nurkic Jersey ,” Tanaka said. “I’m not gonna make a change.”

Tanaka is expected to throw 65 pitches on Wednesday, which should make him ready to go to 80-85 pitches in his next game.

锘? Although I’m not a sports writer by trade, it would have been considered bad journalism if I had come out on the side of Alabama or Auburn before last Saturday’s big game. But now that the Iron Bowl is over and the season is almost at its end, I can finally reveal which team I claim as my own.

I was rooting for . Fact is, I’ve been a huge fan for thirty years! I want all my kids to graduate from !

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, Tim, why are you using that annoying instead of the actual team name? Why are you so hesitant to reveal the name of the team you were rooting for? Huh? Why?”

I’ll tell you why. It’s because the game is not really over. Alabama and Auburn fans will be replaying every second of that Iron Bowl until the next one comes around. And the Monday morning quarterbacking began even before the game was over. Within five minutes of the end of the game here’s a small sampling of the email that was coming into Alabama Live’s feedback line.

Let’s begin with this one from a member of the fairer sex:

“Please print the real reason ‘Bama lost to Auburn: DUMB coaching. DuBose should have been fired on the spot, along with whoever called the dumbest play in the history of Alabama football. The players played great, and should have won. The coach lost the game.”

And this from an Alabama fan living in Florida:

“Dumb Bose” has got to go! That pass play was Womens JJ Hickson Jersey , without a doubt, the stupidest call I have ever seen in 30 years of football. There is only one to blame. “DUBOSE!” GOT TO GO!!! FIRED TODAY.”

And this little ditty that says what the majority of Alabama fans were probably thinking:

“The Alabama offensive coach should be taken out behind the Auburn stadium and shot. That 3rd down pass play was the dumbest play in the history of Alabama football. Get some new coaches, I can give you some names.”

The great thing about football mania is that it is the most honest kind of fanaticism, breaking all barriers of race, gender and age. Even the teachers in our elementary and middle schools fan the fire. Chelsea, my 9 year old, came home Friday with tears in her eyes because her teacher, a woman she respects and loves, wore a jersey to school. My little girlwas devastated.

“Mrs. Smith is for , daddy. I can’t believe it. I’m never going back to school again! Never!” Great Womens Gary Harris Jersey , a 9 year old dropout. Thank you for ruining my baby’s life.

Sometimes I wonder if we take our football too seriously in Alabama. It wouldn’t surprise me if legislators in Montgomery passed a law requiring everyone to put their team preferences on the back of their driver’s license. A harmless idea, I suppose, unless you get pulled over by a state trooper who roots for the other side.

“Mr. Jones, I’m only going to issue you a warning this time, but… uh oh, says here on the back of your license that you’re an Alabama fan. That changes things a bit. It’s a good thing you marked this organ donor box. You’re about to make some kidney patient very happy. Step out of the car please…”

Football fanaticism has been known to break up families, cause domestic violence, and drive otherwise sane people to do really stupid things. Take my brother, Shemp, for example. Shemp is a rabid fan who somehow managed to hitch his marital wagon to a lovely woman who is an equally rabid fan. Talk about your mixed marriages. I don’t think that “Men Are From Mars” guy put this chapter in his book.

Shemp and his wife get along as well as any married couple Womens Emmanuel Mudiay Jersey , until their teams play each other. Then things turn ugly, Veeeery ugly. Shemp takes over the house like a Branch Davidian at a real estate auction, refusing to let his wife in until after the game, which is just fine with her. She would rather watch the game at her sister’s house because her husband is, and I’m quoting her, “an obnoxious fan!”

Hmm, I didn’t know there was any other kind.