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Joey Votto Gets Upset With Fan Signs Ball As Apology - RealGM Wiretap
Joey Votto briefly engaged with a fan while attempting to catch a foul ball along the first-base line in the top of the seventh inning at Great American Ball Park on Tuesday night.

Votto was thwarted from catching the ball when he made contact with a fan in a Reds shirt who was also going for the ball. He briefly stared at the fan before grabbing at the Reds logo on the man’s shirt chaussures vans old skool pas cher , presumably pointing out that the fan should attempt to stay out of the way of the home team’s defense.

The fan eventually got a signed ball and an apology from Votto.

“I made a mistake crossing the stands-field boundary,” he said. “I misplayed it, and I took my frustration out on the fan. I felt bad about it. He apologized, but I was the one who should’ve been apologizing to him for bullying him.”

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