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His lungs were feverously pumping volumes of air but the directions from the brain to the muscles were going unanswered. At about 330 meters, the machine that would later go on and win top 5 positions in several sports in Greece came to a complete stop. Suddenly, the coach, who had smartly positioned himself behind the marble barrier at the 350 meter mark, started screaming at Nick to start again, waving his arms frantically and pointing to the finish line. Out of all the fans screaming and encouraging their own runners, Nick could hear the coach s yelling clearly. Somehow, Nick managed to gather enough strength and carriage to continue and finish the race Cheap Jerseys , albeit last. The proud worrier, trying to catch his breath, exhausted embarrassed and beaten, felt like he wanted to disappear and die. But this was nothing compared to what was about to occur 5 seconds later. The coach arrives at the finish line. Nick looks up and sees a fuming, brilliantly red faced coach. To a 16 year old, a fuming 60 year old is a scary sight. The coach wastes no time to get to the point. Screaming and calling Nick various names, manages to sum up the following: you never, never, never, never ever quit a race! You die before you quit a race! You always finish a race even if you have to crawl on your four to the finish line! I am 60 and I could run right now and finish this race! Later in the dressing room, he reiterated the lifetime lesson, this time with a fatherly look on his face: Niko Wholesale Jerseys China , you never quit, not just a race, but anything you do in life. You never give up anything, the race, your dream. If you quit now, this will follow you in everything you do. You just never quit, period! There was a lot to learn that day for a 16 year old cocky kid who up to that point thought he was god like unbeatable in anything he did. Nick went on to win races, diving competitions, volley ball trophies in Greece and also later after he moved to the US, and finally car races while competing for Porsche s PCA. The lesson he learned that day pushed him to pursue and receive four college degrees, including a doctorate, and launch a very successful career in the medical field Wholesale NFL Jerseys , his current passion in life. Eight years ago, Nick moved to Los Angeles pursuing another dream, following his true passion music. Over the years he had written plenty of music and songs but it wasn t until he came to California that this dream was to become reality. He collaborated with 3 famous musicians and completed 2 CDs which are marketed on over 65 music websites. Nick is calmer now than when he learned that fateful lesson years ago. He now lives in Del Mar, again near the beach, still pursuing medical research and still working on the next CD. He may write another scientific paper for a medical journal and add it to the over 50 already published. Besides regular gym workouts and flying the F4 fighter jets on the Midway carrier simulator in San Diego, his major sport these days is ...pampering his rare Aston Martin Vanquish or riding his custom Harley up and down the coast. By the way, he designed this bike and won 4 trophies in bike shows; no more of that , he says, too much cleaning, too much pressure; I just want to ride now . One thing is for sure: Nick will be pursuing his dream no matter what. I think the coach is somewhere up there still watching me to make sure I don t quit on my dreams , he says running his hand over his chin and looking upwards to the blue California sky… Did you find this article inspiring, thought provoking or interesting?