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锘? China’s first brand NetEase online games together national toy brands to open up markets around the United States Church dolls
????(Jan. 7 Clive Walford Jersey , Beijing), China’s first brand of original online games NetEase (ticker: NTES) and National strange dolls original base of the U.S. toy brand, sub-centers in Beijing Mei to hold the theme “Made in China, were anti-storm” strategic cooperation news conference, the two neighboring Netease signed a cooperation agreement on matters such authorization, would authorize the United States announced Netease Netease’s Qi fist games on “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “Westward Journey ” and “Westward Journey ” related peripheral products for development. Attend the conference, representatives of both sides of NetEase online games business Division Director of Strategic Development, Mr. Pang Dazhi odd dolls and U.S. Chairman Mr. Tan Zhicheng base.
????NetEase U.S. Church authority cooperation the two sides reached a consensus around: the future development of NetEase U.S. Church, “Fantasy Westward Journey,” “Westward Journey ” and “Westward Journey ” series theme dolls Jalen Richard Jersey , the Chinese online game players are familiar with the material to move to Canton and consumers prefer dolls products. Authorization includes the design, manufacture and marketing of the relevant product is expected to be listed in late February. Press conference shows the U.S. Church Journey newly developed theme magic ball and dolls, and “the first US-odd dolls Design Competition” prize winners and prizes awarded.
????At the meeting, the U.S. chairman of TAN Zhi-Cheng Qi said: US-odd original toys as a national brand, has been dedicated to producing high-quality toy products, the positive transformation in recent years, the domestic market, increase development effort, hoping to contribute more to domestic consumers with Chinese characteristics, innovative products. NetEase to reach the U.S. Church and cooperation and hope that the two sides to establish long-term strategic cooperative relations, full introduction of NetEase creativity Ben Heeney Jersey , innovation and vigorously promote the U.S. Church, to jointly promote the creation of China toy manufacturing industry, to join hands to combat financial crisis. NetEase online games business unit strategy development director Pang Dazhi that: the rapid development of online games as a cultural creative industries, manufacturing toys are derived from secondary markets around the chain. With Netease game user base grows, we hope that the cultural content of the network game tangible and deepen the player’s identity. We have been actively looking for full design capacity of creative and marketing operations partner. The Church of cooperation with the United States can be expected around the market, the future will be more Netease game to a higher level.
????In recent years, online games industry to flourish, only two competitive products Netease’s “Fantasy Westward Journey” and “Westward Journey ” there are more than 300 million registered users, more than 3 million while online. A huge user base there is a huge player in the consumption potential, but also stimulating the peripheral market. Strong manufacturing business into the surrounding, with legal authorization to expand the physical value of cultural and creative online games Perry Riley Jersey , such as active around the market will play an active role can not be underestimated. Breakthrough in the traditional toy manufacturing industry limited itself to board the ride online games in emerging industries, in enhancing the adaptability of traditional industries, but also to promote industrial optimization and upgrading of the market. Generally agreed that this cooperation as a new cultural and creative industries and the traditional toy industry have created a new “Made in China” is a road, a long-term social and economic benefits.
????NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited (NetEase): in the domestic suppliers of many online game, Netease is one of the few companies with independent development capabilities, with high-quality elite team and advanced network technology, the development of Internet applications, services and other technologies has a leading edge, based on the local culture to better understand the needs of the domestic online game players, taste and cultural background, thus targeted to develop the most appropriate games. At present Jamize Olawale Jersey , the NetEase games have occupied the largest share of the domestic online gaming market, become self-development and operational capacity of the strongest network of independent game makers, their’s “Westward Journey” series and “Fantasy Westward Journey”, has more than 300 million registered users, while online number of more than 3 million.
????US-odd dolls toy trade (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (U.S. odd dolls base): Founded in 2006, is an exclusive set of the National R & D? Market? Network marketing? Production logistics base in one of the electronic dolls.
??Its predecessor, the Department of the United States was founded in 1963 odd plastic factory, has 50 years of toy history, with a solid technical foundation and perfect quality management system. More than 2500 employees, covers an area of 80 Jihad Ward Jersey ,000 square meters, is the largest dolls brand. In 2007 the country had developed the first electronic magic ball platform to break the domination of Japanese dolls embarrassing situation.

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