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Top watch dazzling ” new world ” of Basel 2017


In the Basel planet watches, you do not want to skip:



DÉBUT: MP-09 Tourbillon biaxial

Hublot once again proved that is a new manufacturer within the education luxury watch an important function in the field. MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis has five days regarding power reserve, with a double-axis tourbillon, every minute for a complete turn, the first axis of sequence, the second axis every thirty seconds rotation.

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2017 hublot table BigBang big beat series new


1 . HUBLOT Big Beat Series 471. NX. 7112. RX Unico GMT ti watch

Big Hammer Unico GMT watch to help 45 mm case, you can find two versions of ti and carbon fiber to choose from, together with black and blue natural silicone carved strap. Both editions have a ” one-click” speedy change strap. UNICO movements has also been redesigned to combine GMT functionality. HUB1251 an overall total of 358 parts, heurt frequency of 28’800 periods per hour, with proud seventy two hours power reserve.


2 . HUBLOT Big Fuck series 647. OX. 5181. LR. 1201 month trade of gold watch



wholesale cheap watches . Significant Bang soul series celestial body overhead phase watch has a unsecured personal barrel-shaped case, blue, crimson, orange and pink see models. Matching straps, quartz dials, sandblasted moon dvds, pointers,


3. HUBLOT Big Boom series 414. MX. 1138. RX magic gold observe

HUBLOT Big Beat series 414. MX. 1138. RX magic gold view using HUB1201 manual rotating hollow mechanical movement, the particular movement equipped with two simultaneous hairpin and rack construction to achieve the power reserve display, using a high identification The specific structure of the degree. Mille RM011-Ti-USA-Black-560x420.jpg

4. HUBLOT HUGE BANG series of embroidery candies skeleton neon bright colouring ceramic watches

From the spring of 2017, Large Bang embroidery candy bones neon bright color see again with a unique ambiance filled with contemporary flavor, overview the traditional material - coming from St. Gallen’s Bischoff embelleshment. This ancient craft world wide famous and loved by the fashion industry. Bischoff’s studio is located near E. Gallen in Zurich, just where craftsmen who created particularly commissioned production of neon embroidery to the root of often the European roots,  cheap HUBLOT MASTERPIECE MP-02 KEY OF TIME WATCH


5. PASSAGE BIG BANG series 411. JX. 1170. RX wonder sapphire watch

Huge Bang Unico Magic Blue watch will be ” visible” and ” invisible” excellent integration, simplification, the ordinary for that magic, but so all-natural, as if everything should be thus. Case of the middle, board and table back magnificent, dial is adhering to the brand name ” black magic” artistic texture and detail, the 2 in sharp contrast. VERSACE QUARTZ GMT 8176-1990 MEN WATCH cheap Nardin Watch 263-92B2-3C-922.jpg




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