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Sony Enter the Tablet PC industry June 5 Jelle Van Damme Jersey , 2012 | Author: Andrew Lawson | Posted in Computers
The Sony S1 tablet computer is their first design revealed to enter the tablet market. It is a high end media tablet with a large screen intended to compete with the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for media, web browsing and gaming use. What it will be called on release is still unknown Jeff Larentowicz Jersey , the title S1 is a placeholder for the design until its release later this year – autumn at the earliest.

Many of the details of the Sony S1 tablet have yet to be revealed, what is known is that the screen is a 9.4 inch diagonal putting it into competition with other top end tablets such as the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which have larger 9.7 and 10.1 inch screens respectively. It is clear that manufacturers are still experimenting with what is seen as the optimal size for large tablet computer devices. It is thought that the tablet runs on a dual-core 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor from nVidia Gyasi Zardes Jersey , this would be a top of the line processor if the tablet were released now but may seem rather dated if the tablet is not released until late in the year as the next generation of tablets is likely to have begun production and will be offering up to quad core ‘Kal-El’ chips from nVidia clocked at up to 2.5 GHz. It is also thought the graphics chip will be somewhat enhanced though no details have emerged yet.

The ergonomics of the design are very unusual and stand out against the competition. Rather than the flat profile and even weight distribution of competing tablets such as the iPad 2 the S1 tablet computer has a thicker, rounded body at the top which tapers to an extremely thin base. This is intended to give a good feeling when held in the hand and improve grip.

Many of the other hardware details are still unknown such as memory which can be estimated to be between 512 megabytes and 1 gigabyte if it is to keep up with the competition. The tablet will have full wireless-N connectivity along with Bluetooth and 3G mobile data support and possibly one of the faster mobile data standards as well Giovani dos Santos Jersey , placing it on a par or ahead of the iPad 2. An interesting feature of the S1 which other tablets lack is the ability to send infra-red signals to control household entertainment devices such as TVs and hi-fi though on release it is thought it will only support Sony Bravia products.

What will really set the Sony S1 tablet computer apart from its competition is the library of Playstation games it will have access to. Similar to the Sony Xperia Play it will be able to run the increasing number of Playstation titles that are being ported to the ARM processor which the S1 runs. Here the S1 will be far ahead of the iPad 2, which while broadly praised for the number and quality of apps available does not have access to games that can compare to the graphics nor gameplay of the Playstation library. How well the S1 does for gaming remains to be seen however Emmanuel Boateng Jersey , the Sony Xperia has physical interface buttons in addition to the touch screen which make it a good gaming device.

It is known the S1 will be running a version of the Android Honeycomb OS for tablets which is improving rapidly as Google updates the initially very rushed operating system. It is even remotely possible that the S1 will come to market with a version of the next generation of Android known as Ice-cream Sandwich which will combine the tablet and phone versions into a single operating system. The version intended for the S1 is supposedly being fairly heavily modified by Sony to focus around their online gaming and entertainment services as well as a large number of interface tweaks and customisations. With built in Flash support the newer versions of Honeycomb are a little ahead of Apple’s iOS on the iPad 2 which lacks this important feature.

Apps are one area where the Android family of tablets all lag significantly behind Apple’s iOS with only a few hundred dedicated tablet apps available, though this is growing quickly and many more apps are capable of taking advantage of some of the features such as far greater screen real estate offered by tablets. By comparison iOS has tens of thousands of dedicated tablet applications which are also generally thought to be of a higher quality than those available for Android. There will be some degree of catching up by Android as its tablets are only just beginning to take off and attract the interest of app creators but Apple certainly set the standard. Only the games will be better than those available for the iPad 2.

The S1 seems like it will reach the market too late for the specifications it will offer as it will be an iPad 2 generation device around six months after the release of the iPad 2. It is hard to see Sony being able to compete effectively with the iPad 2 price so the Playstation library seems to be its only real standout feature. This mirrors Samsung’s first generation tablet computer that came too late and needed to be replaced very quickly with a new generation; alas Sony have been too slow to react to the tablet market.

For more details on the Sony tablet or other tablet PCs visit http://www.expansys.

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