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Technology unfolds from time to time Lanny McDonald Jersey , and its effect on human kind is marvelous. Roberto Gaughran
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Article From Article Directory Database Thailand Travel Tips June 25, 2012 | Author: wesleymccormick251 | Posted in Travel and Leisure
No matter where you go on vacation you always want to be aware of your surroundings and not do foolish things like flash a wad of cash around or party too much in an unfamiliar place without friends around. Thailand is no different in this regard. I’m not saying Thailand isn’t safe for the tourist because it is.these are just the times we live in.

On my trips to Thailand I have been out and about at all hours day and night in unfamiliar areas and alone but I never felt unsafe and indeed I had no problems. Even though Thailand is moving along quite nicely on the world scene it’s people for the most part are poor. The majority of Thais are very hard working but then there are some that work very hard at parting you from your money. The money you spend in Thailand on a two week vacation is usually more than the average Thai makes in a year, and while most are content earning your tourist dollars there are those that will try and take advantage of you.

The first place you might notice this is at the airport. After you’ve landed, gathered your bags and headed through customs you will see a sea of people as you walk out the door from customs and most will be looking to give you a ride. The usual price to get to Bangkok from the airport is 800-1200 baht and that includes tolls. The standard price to get to Pattaya is 1200 baht and also includes tolls. If you haven’t made arrangements to be picked up at the airport then you have a few options from a private limo to the bus. The most favored option is the meter taxi. If taking a private limo ( usually a sedan ) ask up front what the total cost is and if you feel it’s too much move on. There are many drivers about to haggle with. The meter taxi of course won’t give you a price up front but you need to make sure of a few things before you agree to a ride. A lot of taxi drivers will tell you their meter is broken to try and get an inflated price. If using a taxi demand that the meter is turned on and tell them you’ll pay the tolls as they arrive.

Tip: avoid the sea of cheap taxi touts outside of customs at the airport and head straight to the taxi rank outside. Make sure the taxi driver uses the meter and check the meter occasionally during your drive so you’ll be able to gauge if the fare has suddenly changed.