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Online Continuing Education For Addiction Counselors Is Available Online Continuing Education For Addiction Counselors Is Available March 23 Twins Kent Hrbek Jersey , 2014 | Author: Leticia Jensen | Posted in Education
The career of an addiction counselor requires a number of years of education. It encompasses both classroom and clinical experience. Following the preparatory education and attaining degrees, there will be online continuing education for addiction counselors.

Opportunities in this field are growing due to the problems with addiction among all segments of the population. Job satisfaction can be major. Post graduate coursework keeps the therapist up to date on innovations in the field.

Your BS in psychology or sociology may have laid the groundwork for a career in addictive behavior. Now, with an MS in Addiction Counseling you can build on that groundwork. Online you can continue to learn while holding down a job.

There are accepted procedures in intervention as well as prevention. Learn about the wide variety of approaches that are used. Learn the ways to evaluate a client and devise the optimal way to provide the help needed.

Eventually the student will be prepared to work as a general counselor for addicts, behaviorist, case manager or detoxification specialist. A position as a residential or vocational counselor are other possibilities. The graduate may eventually work in a university, an institution or a mental health hospital.

For those holding an MS there is online education to work towards a doctoral degree. Addiction specialists are needed at all levels. Those holding a Ph. D. Can select a continuing education course in general addiction Twins Kennys Vargas Jersey , contemporary theory in addiction or mental health services.

Mental health practitioners, including those who counsel addicts, must be licensed after earning their degrees. Following licensure, the ongoing annual credits must be earned on a schedule determined by those who regulate licensure and practice.

Earning these required credits can be done online rather than in a classroom. It offers a savings in both time and money. It makes it possible to maintain employment while fulfilling the requirements.

A certification confirms the capability of a therapist to treat addictive disorders. It is made available on the Internet to make it more accessible. What it does is certify licensure and create the required CE hours to achieve licensure.

Each continuing education unit equals ten hours of coursework. It must be earned in a program that is accredited. Each profession as well as each state has its own number of credit hours that are required.

The association that regulates this has been in existence since 1968. The goal of the American National Standards Institute works to assure health of consumers. IACET communicates standards to help educative programs meet the proper criteria for accreditation.

These ongoing credits, earned online or on campus, keep a professional in touch with all the latest developments in their field. It is a yearly requirement and a certificate may be framed and displayed on an office wall.

Training may be earned during a conference or symposium. The addictive counseling professional can accomplish things in addition to CEUs Twins Justin Morneau Jersey , however. Networking is an excellent way to build professional relationships.

Such relationships may be beneficial at some time during the career of the addiction counselor. It is a chance to exchange ideas and business cards. You may want to ask for advice if he or she specializes a specific topic he specializes in.

The answer model is your best source for online continuing education for addiction counselors. To learn how we operate, visit us at http:www.theanswermodel today.

锘? It is very, very hard to simply quit smoking. This is because the smoker has built a psychological smoking mechanism from an early age and reinforces it with every cigarette. You see, it takes great WILL POWER to smoke each cigarette. The WILL POWER is generated by the psychological smoking mechanism which is maintained by beliefs.

They consist of Why I Started Smoking and Why I Continue to Smoke beliefs. Both of these categories of beliefs support each other. In order to quit smoking, it is necessary that both categories are explored extensively. This requires special psychological techniques.

Why I Started Smoking

It is necessary to go back to the beginning and examine the reasons a smoker started. However, for most people this has been in excess of 20 years and long since forgotten. I was being interviewed by a radio host the other day who had Twins Jose Berrios Jersey , with great difficulty, become an ex smoker after two years of struggle. I asked him why he had started smoking and because it had been so long ago, he couldn t remember much about it. This is common for smokers. So, it is necessary to use special psychological techniques to bring these memories back and neutralize them. With each belief examined and eliminated as a support to the WILL POWER to smoke, the mechanism becomes weaker.

The Mind of the Child

The average age when a smoker begins is around 15. Some start even earlier. As adults, we tend to forget how we viewed the world at this time of our lives. It made sense to us then but wouldn t to our adult mind today.