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锘? The simple answer to the above question Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , of course, is No, obviously not. After all, buying the title of Champions of the English Premier League would entail bribing a large number of referees, opposing players and, almost certainly, League officials. Not very likely really. Although, listening to some of the comments people are making about Manchester City this summer, that method would seem almost moral compared with their audacity in trying to sign some of the game s top players.

This might all sound rather flippant as a response to a serious question but, to be frank, I find it all rather bemusing for people to suggest that becoming Premier League winners is as simple as throwing money into the transfer market. It it had been that easy Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , Liverpool would have won the title in the last couple of years and Arsenal would have had no chance!

I find it strange to read all this criticism of Manchester City just because, suddenly, they have seemingly unlimited money to spend. Some of it does taste a little of sour grapes. Or hypocrisy in the Case of Sir Alex Ferguson who didn t mind breaking the transfer record to sign Cole, Veron or Ferdinand. And his team is not exactly home grown nowadays, is it? How many of the Man Utd best eleven was not bought in for a big fee? Sir Alex is clearly getting a little worried. Why else would he have started the they re just a small club insinuations and the mind games already. He hasn t, after all, started making his comments about any other club, has he?

Even worse, perhaps, are the jibes aimed at players who have had the temerity to join Manchester City s project . They re only doing it for the money, you see. Where is their loyalty to Aston Villa Wholesale NFL Jerseys , Blackburn, Arsenal or the Man Utd substitutes bench? Well, let s see the people saying this turn down the chance of perhaps a 50 wage increase if they re offered a post at a rival employer, shall we?

It seems as if Manchester City s new owners have, by taking control at Middle Eastlands , usurped the position of evil foreign despot once held at Chelski and Manchester United Soccer Club. But really, who cares if the owners are from overseas, as long as they re committed to the club? Let s face it, Mike Ashley is hardly an advert for English ownership of one of our best supported clubs, is he?

And Manchester City is one of our best supported football clubs the fans were voted the Premier League s most loyal in a recent poll. They have had to endure some pretty rough years since the days of Lee, Bell Wholesale Jerseys China , Young and Summerbee. Yet they still turned up in their thousands to the old Second Division and have clung to the hope that, one day, one of those breaking dawns wouldn t prove to be yet another false one.

So, can Manchester City buy their way to the League title?

Well, perhaps, just perhaps, the players Mark Hughes has at his disposal might be good enough to offer a realistic challenge. I, for one, hope so. Anything to shake up the complacency of the self styled Big Four who seem to regard Champions League qualification as a God given right. Anything to dent the arrognace of the fans of those same teams who consider their teams untouchable.

Manchester City has enough good players in the squad to begin the season with realistic expectations of giving it a good go , at any rate. Whether it s enough to take the title this year is doubtful; but I hope at least they shake the others up and make life at the top a lot more interesting.

It would certainly be worth going along to Eastlands to have a look at some of the talent they ve got on display there now.

An Overview of the English Premier League. What to expect in 20092010

One thing we can safely predict about the upcoming English Premier league season is that it s going to be interesting; very interesting.

At both ends of the table, as well.

After all Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , for a start it does look as if, at last, we are going to see an end to the Big Four dominance. Even the most confident of the supporters of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal must admit that Manchester City have made some pretty good signings and are going to be very competitive this year.

And do Manchester United fans really believe deep down that they re going to be as strong this time around? Ronaldo, Tevez gone. Giggs, Scholes, Neville nearly gone. Hargreaves who knows? No, the champions supporters must be truly anxious they have so much depending on Berbatov starting to justify his fee and Owen to validate his assertion that he s not injury prone.

Everyone else must think that this season gives them a real chance to catch them up.

Having said that, though, Liverpool and Arsenal have hardly had tranquil summers Wholesale Jerseys , have they? Rafa Benitez has been desperately trying to hold on to his midfielders and cajole his board into giving him more money. Meanwhile Arsne Wenger has yet again been proving his genius by turning Kolo Toure s 150,000 incoming transfer fee into a 15 million outgoing one. Let alone getting even more money for Adebayor! On the other hand, he did try to bring back Viera. Did he not see him play last season?

Chelsea are really the only one of the leading lights to have enjoyed a settled break, so they might well be considered as bookies favourites.