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Hello guys…..this is Pallavi on 01.5.15 I bought a new laptop for my personal use. Initially I had an Acer Aspire one 532H Notebook. I bought it in mid 2010. Since the specifications are outdated Cheap Randy Bullock Jersey , I decided to buy a new Laptop with new specifications and in reasonable price, like a common Indian. I bought the new HP Pavilion G6-2314AX laptop. I ordered this HP Pavilion laptop from Surpluss website. The main Hardware specifications of HP Pavilion G6-2314AX are mentioned below:

1. APU Quad Core A8 processor.
2. 6 GB of RAM (2 RAM Slots are present).
3. 1 Tera byte Hard Disk.
4. 1.5 GB Graphic card (Radeon Graphics), which is dual graphics enabled.
5. DVD Drive
6. 3 USB Ports, 1 HDMI Port and Card reader slots.

HP Pavilion G6-2314AX comes with the Disk Operating System (DOS). By seeing the above specifications I decided to buy the laptop. I ordered it from my favorite Surpluss. The price of the HP Pavilion G6-2314Ax is Rs 33,074. As usual, Surpluss delivered the laptop within 3-4 business days. The packing from the Surpluss is awesome. It is practically impossible to get damaged.

Since I was busy in my work, on 15.5.15 I opened the HP Pavilion G6-2314AX laptop and tried to install the Windows 8 operating system (32 bit) which I already had. Initially I wanted to install Windows 7 operating system in HP Pavilion G6-2314AX, but after reading the reviews in some websites Cheap Kevin Minter Jersey , I decided to go with Windows 8 as HP Pavilion G6-2314AX is made for Windows 8 operating system only. The drivers for Windows 7 are not available in the HP website. The Windows 8 operating system installed successfully without any errors. It took few minutes (very less time) for the installation of the new Windows 8 operating system. Since there are no drivers provided with the laptop, I downloaded all the drivers from HP website and installed it in my laptop. HP Pavilion G6-2134AX doesn’t have Windows 8 drivers for 32 bit. It has drivers for Windows 8 64 bit only.

Images of HP-Pavilion G6-2314AX

In the initial few hours of experience with my HP Pavilion G6, I noticed the following few things. They are:

1. Though many of the drivers of Windows 8, 64 bit got installed successfully, but the graphic card drivers were not installed. Apart from this driver all the other drivers got installed properly.
2. In the starting few hours of my usage, I noticed the noise of the fan. Though the noise is not heavy but one can easily notice the fan sound. But after few hours of usage the fan sound was drastically reduced. At the time of typing this article, no sound of fan was heard from the laptop.
3. The battery is draining very fast. It lasts only for 1.3-2 hrs. As I got to know that the drivers for battery are present in the graphic card drivers, until the graphic card drivers are installed the problem of battery draining quickly will be continued.

4. Multi-touch is not working as expected. Mouse pointer moves when trying to click on the extreme bottom of the desktop. I have been using the HP Pavilion G6-2314AX laptop for 24 hours (15.5.13 to 16.5.13). I played a movie Cheap Tyler Kroft Jersey , music, browsed videos from YouTube, and installed software like VLC, MS OFFICE, AVG, CCLEANER, and DVD Writer. Till now, my experience with the HP Pavilion G6-2314AX is going smooth.

I will update my experience with HP-Pavilion G6-2314AX again Cheap Jake Fisher Jersey , after two or three days of quality time.
Update: Participated in Google Hangout for 15 minutes, Watched Videos in YouTube for 20 minutes in the HP-Pavilion G6-2314AX in battery mode. The call clarity is Awesome. No problem while watching or talking. Charged Laptop for 70 minutes (full charged) and it showed 195 minutes (3:15 hour) of battery.

Steps To Creating A Portable Design Wall For Quilting Steps To Creating A Portable Design Wall For Quilting June 9, 2013 | Author: Teri Farley | Posted in Marketing
There is a great excitement when it comes to creating designs for quilts. There are many tools that helps a fascinated fellow come up with a great design but perhaps the design wall for quilting is the most important one. It allows piecing the fabrics and putting all of the elements together easier.

There are very few people who have studios and so other enthusiasts are wondering about creating the right designs. A good thing is that the creative ones could find ways to create better pieces even inside their homes. There are plenty of spaces that could be turned into a portable area for this hobby. All it would take is a board and a flannel sheet.

A simple step to take is to get the materials set. There are already foam boards and flannel sheets available in many stores. One could just purchase them and come up with their own corners. A good consideration is to always be mindful of the markings. These should never be visible.

The parts of the flannel that do not fit the board can be tucked at the back side. It is very important to secure it with duct tape so it will not loosen and move about. All of the corners where there are excess flannel sheets should be tucked neatly at the back side.

It is important to tuck the flannel sheets securely with the help of duct tapes. The rest of the corners and sides will have these excess flannel sheets and that means securing them to mold the board. The flannel sheet must not be loose so that the designs would be secure.

The rest of the sides should be reinforced with tapes. Others also opt to use tuckers in securing the flannel into the board because it is more difficult to remove than tapes. When reinforcing, long pieces of the tape should be used instead of the small ones.