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Myrtle Beach golf vacations offer you a resort based golf holiday that is smack in the center of the 60 mile stretch of beach in Carolina that is known as the Grand Strand. With its hotels Wholesale Keith Tandy Jersey , night life and fabulous beach facilities, what else could you ask for? Golf courses? Well, of course: there are over one hundred of them!

The climate is great. The sun shines most of the year, yet it is not so hot that you cannot enjoy the golf. It can cater for every size of pocket from the small to the downright bottomless, yet everybody enjoys the same sun, the same beaches and the same choice of golf courses.

The Whole Family is Kept Happy

Myrtle Beach has so many golf courses that it is unlikely you will find the time to do a lot more than play golf, but your family will still want to be entertained, especially if they do not follow your passion for the game. A lot depends on whether the other half is male or female Wholesale Demar Dotson Jersey , and if you have brought the children with you. There is certainly no lack of shopping: Myrtle Beach has so much to offer, with up to the minute fashion boutiques, lots of shopping malls with the nationwide labels and retail outlets where there are lots of brand name stores to browse round.

For you there are an almost unlimited number of golf shops offering everything from a pack of tees to a full set of clubs, or the latest golf gear. It’s up to you if you want to let them loose downtown…rather you than me!

What about the rest of the family that wouldn’t know a golf ball from a ping pong ball? No problem. There are water sports of all kinds, parasailing, water skiing and jet skiing. There are hire shops everywhere so you don’t have to bring your own gear. They can try a round of putting while you play a round of golf. Who knows, they might catch the bug and be on the course with you this time next year.

Keep an Eye on the Waistline

After all that exercise you will all be hungry and the cuisine in Myrtle Beach is very varied. Every possible taste is met and you will probably need the exercise to work off all these little treats and luxuries you allow yourself while on vacation. You can have what you want, from lobster and steak to wings and slaw Wholesale Kwon Alexander Jersey , and if you are not careful you will be returning home a few inches or a couple of sizes bigger than when you left. So use these gyms and try out these water sports because it’s unlikely your golf will work off all these extra calories.

As for the kids…well, it is a beach resort, so they will be well catered for with the white knuckle rides they love, and all the amusements for those too young for the more exciting rides. Myrtle Beach is truly a resort where the needs of every member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, are met. Not just met but fully satisfied.

Myrtle Beach golf vacations are exactly what families need to make sure that everybody enjoys the vacation. No more complaining from the youngsters or your partner. They will be fully occupied and you will be able to enjoy your golf without worrying about what they will be saying next year when you suggest the same.
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Mike Pedersen is an internationally known golf performance expert. He is the founder of Golf-Trainer. For more Myrtle Beach golf vacations information, visit Golf-Trainer today!

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