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To become a member of the the PGA TOUR you must finish in the top 30 at the annual Qualifying Tournament or Q-School. It is quite literally a school where the survivors of the first 3 stages advance to take classes held by the PGA TOUR to introduce the attendees to the rigors of tour life. To get to this stage, players have to qualify through stages 1 and 2 (more than 72 holes each) then on to stage 3 where they’ll play another 108 holes over the course of a week, usually in early December. Entry fees back in 2004 were about $12,000, - on average about $4000 per stage. Bring your lunch!

If you’re short on cash, you can also join by winning a cosponsored or approved TOUR event. In most PGA TOUR open events there is an open qualifying round conducted by the PGA Section where the event is held. The winners (four low scorers) advance to that event. This open qualifying round is usually played that Monday of tournament week and is open to all professionals and amateurs with a USGA handicap of 2 or less.

At the end of each year, the top 125 money-winners on the Tour get a tour card for the next season. This exempts the from having to qualify for most of the tournaments in the following year. Now, if you’ve been fortunate (and good) enough to have run the gauntlet once, these avenues open up for you.

Or win as much money during the season as the 150th finisher on the money list in the previous year. Lastly Cheap Joe Gomez Jersey , if you finish in the top 20 on the Nationwide Tour your membership is secure. Oh, one final qualifying note - You’ve got to be at least 18 years old.

Swings And Cha-Chings!

We’ve all seen it. Winners of these tournaments bring home enough bacon to satisfy even Jabba the Hutt. The prize money seems enormous by most people’s standards. $700,000 for a first place finish and even the guys bringing up the rear in 60th and 70th place are cashing $8,000 checks. Where do I sign up?
The formula for these incredible paychecks is actually pretty standard for PGA TOUR events. 18 percent of the money earned at an event is earmarked to the winner and decreases to 0.2 percent for a 70th place finish. A guy could make a living doing this!

When it comes right down to it, some of these guys are making a great living doing something we can only dream about. But therein lies their secret. They were dreaming the same thing, most of them, at a very young age. They put thousands of hours into practice, made sacrifices we would never think of and in most cases dished out lots of cash for lessons, entry fees and travel costs to be where they are today.

The PGA TOUR was formed to represent and protect these giants of the game Cheap James Milner Jersey , their dreams and their goals. Its mission is to promote the sport and the gamesmanship and ethics the game of golf represents. It’s charitible donations are one more way for its players to give back to the people and its community.
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