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锘? Life was going very well. I was a sales manager at one of the leading banks in the world. Dynamic. Charismatic. Attractive. Full of zeal and energy. The life of every party. If I was not going to be at any party , chances are, my friends would postpone or cancel it.

My career seemed pretty set, my friends and family loved and respected me and the only thing they usually bug me about was when exactly am I planning to get married. I kind of like that kind of bugging actually.

But everything changed one day when I met Vanessa. No wait, let me go back and tell you what happened before I met Vanessa. I had an accident. It was something like a Habitat for Humanity kind of project which the bank sent volunteers for. Everyone was having fun, building the house , feeling real good about it until I stepped right through a part of the roof that was not nailed properly. I broke both my legs and was left with a very awkward limp for the rest of my life. I became physically disabled.

Things changed. Mentally I was still more than fit to be a sales manager. But I felt people’s respect for me slowly began transforming into pity. Walking (or should I say limping) into my sales director’s room a month after I had returned to work from the hospital, he looked up at me and said, “Hey Joe, you don’t have to be there at the sales conference next weekend. Take a break. Go relax and spend some time with the family”.

I sat down and said, “Hey thanks for the thought , Bob. But my team is going to be receiving some top sales awards. I should be there to support them, don’t you think?

Bob wasn’t all that happy I could see.

“I’m thinking of getting you transferred to customer service. Things are a little more relaxed over there and you don’t have to rush for those sales targets. Go back and think about it. Let me know what you think.”

Bob had become more than just a boss but also a good friend. Although his people skills aren’t that great, I know he looks out for the best of the employees. He must had seen that although my team were solid in their sales, overall our sales still had dropped since I had the accident. If this should persist for another 2-3 months, top management will be making that I lose my job. Bob just wanted to help.

As strong as I was , I was slowly breaking down inside. I had never experienced physical and emotional pain of such nature and magnitude from becoming disabled. Walking still hurt. It hurt to realize I can never play football and basketball again.

I couldn’t drive for more than 10 miles before I got tired. I got invited less and less to parties. Friends still came to visit me to see how I was doing. But I drove them further away with my self-pitying, depressed and bitter attitude.

In my darkness, I suddenly found the online disabled community and later some disabled dating clubs and websites. That was where I met Vanessa, a wise and beautiful woman who was born blind. Physically, most might say she looked average. To me , she had a beautiful heart and really attractive personality.

She was always positive, always thankful for the simple things of life. She always thanked God for the opportunity to experience life abundantly and the freedom to choose how to live and respond despite being disabled.

We became really good friends and her friendship with me changed my life. She helped me to look up and see the sun and taught me how to enjoy life with every breath. She taught me how to listen to understand rather than to answer. I must say I am really thankful for those disabled dating portals!

Well, many years have passed now. I’m now a customer manager at the bank. Bob and I are still great friends. In fact, we’re about to start a business together dealing with electronic products. My family and friends still love me and have even greater respect for me now for overcoming those challenges in the past. And they still bug me about when I’m going to get married but this time more specifically when am I going to marry Vanessa.

I love Vanessa and have been doing plenty of financial planning to ensure she has a wonderful and comfortable life doing what she loves whenever and wherever she wants. I don’t know how life is going to be like. But I do know for sure that nothing is impossible for those who believe and as Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you cannot. You are right.”

To all those who are born disabled or have become disabled because of accidents, know that your thoughts and aspirations still have the power to change the world! Never ever give up and always start the day with a thankful and grateful attitude and things will begin to happen for you.
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