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锘? Eventually Cheap Brandon Scherff Jersey , the study of success psychology is going to fully embrace the truth of the ‘Law of Attraction’. I don’t know whether all of the teachings and scientific findings of Quantum Physics are going to understood or embraced. However, the evidence is indisputable regarding the dynamic of focus, thinking and internal dialogue determines the course and results of one’s quality of life.

What happens when you make a firm decision, an internal resolve to focus on a particular outcome? Well, what happens when you drive down the freeway and begin to focus on the car in the lane next to you? If you fixate your visual gaze on that vehicle, where does your car go? Try to resist drifting directly into the other vehicle. What happens?

A formula one simulator instructor tells the person behind the steering wheel, ‘always stay focused on the place that you want to go’. The inexperienced driver goes into a curve and feels the slightest movement that he isn’t able to control. For that split second, the car has its own mind. The driver suddenly attempts to ‘avoid hitting the wall’. He does that by shifting his focus on the wall. What happens? He instantly crashes into the wall that he attempts to avoid. Why?

Mark McCormack in his book What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School tells of a Harvard study conducted between 1979 and 1989. In 1979, the graduates of the MBA program at Harvard were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” It turned out that only three percent of the graduates had written goals and plans. Thirteen percent had goals, but there were not in writing. Fully eighty-four percent had no specific goals at all Cheap Bashaud Breeland Jersey , aside from getting out of school and enjoying the summer.

Ten years later, in 1989, the researchers interviewed the members of that class again. They found that the thirteen percent who had goals that were not in writing were earning, on average, twice as much as the eighty-four percent of students who had no goals at all. But more surprisingly, they found that the three percent of graduates who had clear, written goals when they left Harvard were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other ninety-seven percent of graduates all together. The only difference between the groups was the clarity of the goals they had for themselves when they graduated. Goals determine focus.

A person will eventually act upon what heshe focuses on. Set a goal and your actions will most likely be drawn into action regarding that goal.

When I was a high school junior, Coach Dick Sweatnam, instructed all of his players to ‘sleep with a basketball’. ‘Coach’ wanted us focusing, breathing Cheap Art Monk Jersey , thinking and dreaming one thing: BASKETBALL!

In the early 1990s, Coach Jimmy Johnson took the Dallas Cowboys from the doghouse to the Superbowl. Coach Johnson in his book, ‘Turning It Around’, says that he always focused on ‘winning’ and never on ‘not losing’. He told the running great, Emmit Smith, ‘Emmit, protect the ball’. He never said, ‘Emmit, don’t fumble’.

I don’t know if you recognize the common thread in all of these examples. The point here is, ‘What you focus on is what you get’. Whatever pictures you create in your mind through the suggestion of internal or external language inexplicably draws you towards the realization of that picture.

Some people have suggested that ‘all you need to do is to imagine wealth, riches, exotic cars Cheap Andre Roberts Jersey , mansions and luxury vacations and you will have them.’ The reality is, ‘what you focus on is very likely what you will take action upon. What you take action upon will give you the results associated from the cause and effect reality.’

Dr. Phil McGraw said his outstanding book, ‘Life Strategies’, “nothing happens without action.” Your actions will follow your thoughts. What you live ‘within’, you will live ‘without’. What ever you imagine consistently in your conscious and subconscious mind, you will eventually experience in the reality of living.

A few weeks ago, I attended an event in Dallas, Texas of a burgeoning network marketing company. The speaker was the founder and CEO of the company. He gave an amazing talk about how and why he started his company. Prior to starting this company, he had already made a huge fortune and had retired to play golf and enjoy the balance of his years after 60 years old.

His personal initial cash investment was $8 million. When asked, ‘how did you amass such a fortune in your life?’, his answer was simple and short.

He said, ‘Whatever I’ve wanted to be good at or do in my life Cheap Adam Hayward Jersey , I would tell myself before going to bed each night, that I was the very best in the world at that particular skill. Whether it was golf or making a million dollars, I told myself that I was the best in the world.’ Someone else asked, ‘So did it all come true.’ Emphatically his answer was, ‘Never’. He went on to say, ‘I only made $30 million and I am only a 3 handicap golfer’.

I believe in the power of thinking, focusing, acting and becoming. In fact, I would have to add, I not only ‘believe’ that is true, ‘I know’ by experience that it is.