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Various Roles Performed By A Government Various Roles Performed By A Government January 25 Cheap Baseball Jerseys China Free Shipping , 2014 | Author: Loris F. Andres | Posted in Business
Government exists in all parts of the world. The type of administration in one country will usually differ from the one available in the next country. In a country, you will find that there are various levels of administrations; there is the national administration, state, county and in some places towns and municipalities are also governed by different administrations.

Citizens have rights and privileges which they get to enjoy for belonging to a particular state or country. These are rights and privileges that have been set up by the regime in charge. In addition to setting this up, the regimes will also ensure that order is enforced throughout.

Society plays a critical role in determining who gets to sit in a regime. It is the members of society who elect their representatives through election. This then makes it possible for society members to respect the rule of law and the laws made by the chosen representatives.

Another duty that must be performed is that of offering protection. Citizens must be protected from all types of threats. Threats can take different forms ranging from hunger, war to terrorism. A regime must have measures in place to make sure that all these threats are neutralized.

Local and national authorities also need to come up with some form of safety net. The safety net is there to guarantee that people do not miss out on important needs. Basic services are also provided through the safety net created by the people in power.

In addition to creating the net, each administration must make sure that the local economy is stable. A healthy economy is instrumental in making sure that citizens are happy. This is usually brought about by taking the taxes that have been paid by locals and budgeting for it so as to ensure there are roads and other public services.

A country or state cannot survive by itself. It requires the help and services offered by its neighbors. For this reason Cheap Baseball Jerseys China Wholesale , a regime is also tasked with the duty of ensuring that a good foreign policy is in place. Through foreign policies, states get to specify how they will interact with other member states.

Each government comes in to place in order to fulfill a certain mandate to its people. Through the regimes, services are offered to the masses. Peace and order is also maintained thereby making sure that no one gets hurt while within the boundaries of a particular regime. All these are functions that each administration has to fulfill.

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