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Throughout the centuries Mateo Musacchio Jersey , the world’s greatest artists have captured life through statues. When you look at the works of Michelangelo alone, you see biblical representations that are so real to life, you might think David will breathe and blink. Body casting kits are for experienced artists ready to cast an entire human being. Life casting kits can be used for smaller statuettes, such as hands or feet. Both will help you capture the most poignant moments of your life in a unique and beautiful medium.

Front Torso Kit for Mommy

For example Mario Pasalic Jersey , perhaps you are pregnant with your first child and you would like to find interesting ways to track your progress. One way to do so is to take a casting of your front torso throughout the stages of your pregnancy. Through molding, you will capture the changes of your body as your baby grows inside you, and you will have the life-sized casts for years to come. Pictures cannot capture how your belly grows throughout your pregnancy the way casting can, and you’ll love how real these statues are. When your children are grown Marco Storari Jersey , you can give them the castings of your belly throughout your pregnancy with each of them. This is a very popular use for body casting kits.

Baby Casting Kits

Once each baby is born, you can capture this life moment as well. There are many different ways to mark the birth of your child, and one way is to cast his or her hands and feet. You wouldn’t do this all at once, obviously Manuel Locatelli Jersey , but with the right kit, you can get a quick imprint or full cast of a little foot or a little hand. For a really special treat that you and your child will love, make a casting of you holding your infant’s hand. This beautiful artwork will touch your heart each time you see it and your son or daughter will be moved to tears when old enough to appreciate it, as well.

Face Casting Kits

Once older Lucas Ocampos Jersey , you can capture the stages of your children’s lives with face casting kits. These should not be used on infants, but they can be used once your child is old enough to understand the how to remain still throughout the casting procedure. When you capture your children’s faces as they grow older, you have a life-sized and detailed remembrance of exactly how they looked when they were younger. Face casting has been popular for centuries. In fact, casts were made of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s faces Lucas Biglia Jersey , and Napoleon among other famous people.

When you use any of these kits, you create an art piece exclusive to you, and you can display it in your home to show your family’s timeline. Cast you and your spouse holding hands after your marriage. Cast your torso throughout your pregnancy. Cast your baby’s foot and hand after he or she is born. What a beautiful way to capture your life’s greatest moments. Look into body casting kits today and create personalized works of art your family will cherish for decades to come.
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