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If you work in the field of laser cutting metals Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Dortmund Jersey , you might be familiar with the term named ‘Assist Gas’. You must also be aware that Oxygen and nitrogen are the two most commonly used assist gases and they are a very cost-effective option. But how do you find out if air-assist laser cutting is right for you? Given below are some useful insights on the same.

CO2 and fiber lasers do not just depend on light beam for cutting metals. In order to supplement the procedure, assist gas is injected through the nozzle. Thereafter, exothermic reaction occurs as a part of which energy is released through light or heat. Heat can be transferred more effectively when nitrogen, air or oxygen are injected and merged with the beam.

When the concept of air-assisted laser cutting was introduced, oxygen was the most popularly used gas. But after few years, it was observed that Nitrogen helps to provide a cleaner cut on metals as compared to oxygen. These days Park Joo-ho Dortmund Jersey , the air that is used consists of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen diluted. So whenever aesthetics and edge quality are crucial, this combination of gases helps a lot. Of course, the laser spare parts have to be of superior quality.

Benefits of air-assisted laser cutting

Air-assist cutting might be a new term for some metal fabricators but it has been around for 2 decades now. The research and development for this process started in the year 1998. When compressed air was introduced for CO2 lasers, mode quality was a problem. But over the years several changes were made. And today, air-assist is one of the most popular methods used for cutting different metals. It also offers a better return on investment for fabricators who use fiber lasers or are into cutting stainless steel. The extreme heat produced by fiber lasers when combined with injected air can create cuts without oxide formation lessening the amount of secondary cleanup operations.

Is it a good method for you?

Of course it is! But it also depends on the industry you work in or the kind of metal fabrication jobs you undertake. If good finishing and clean edge are important to your customers, make sure that the proportion of Nitrogen is 80%. It will prevent any type of oxidization or chemical reaction occurring to the metal while the cutting job is being undertaken. Also Ousmane Dembele Dortmund Jersey , switching your laser cutting operation to air can prove to be quite cost-effective. Analyze the kind of laser cutting machine you use, the type of laser cutting parts that are a part of it and the number of cutting jobs you do. This will give you a better idea as to if it is worth investing or not.

Investigate about the number of fabricators that have employed air-assisted laser cutting technique and try to know about its pros and cons. Also try to research about this technique to have a better idea about its implementation.

Health Benefits Of Spirulina Tablets Health Benefits Of Spirulina Tablets July 7, 2013 | Author: Estela Bolton | Posted in Customer Service
People who regularly take their supplements or are just basically conscious about their health will definitely know what spirulina tablets are. These supplements are among one of the most popular ones in the market today. Because of their vast health benefits, many people have been taking these supplements.

Now to give a brief background on what spirulina is, it is a type of algae that can thrive only in warm climates and can grow very well when it is put in alkaline water. As for the health contents, it contains a great deal of nutrients like Vitamins A and B as well as a little bit of Vitamin C and proteins. It also contains so many other nutrients that it can aid in certain diseases as well as in weight loss and obesity.

Now this supplement is known to be a natural immune system booster. The reason it can make the immune system of a person stronger is simply because it contains all of the vitamins Omer Toprak Dortmund Jersey , minerals, and nutrients that the body will be needing in order to fight off any invaders like germs or bacteria. So by taking this supplement, one will be more protected against sicknesses and diseases that are circulating around the air.

It is also known to be able to have anti inflammatory chemicals that block of the component known as histamine. When this component gets blocked off, then one will be less susceptible to allergies or allergic reactions. So if one has any childhood allergies, then this supplement will help lessen the effects of these allergies.

Now if one has ulcers, this little supplement may help in lessening it. Now ulcers are actually caused because the stomach would tend to produce excessive stomach acids especially when the person is a little bit too hungry or too stressed. Taking spirulina will help the stomach not produce too much acids that will result in the occurrences of stomach ulcers.

In general Nuri Sahin Dortmund Jersey , it helps with the basic cellular health of the body. Everyone knows that cells die everyday because of the lifestyle that humans have. However, this supplement can help expand the life of the cells and lets them generate new ones.

Although this claim is not thoroughly proven yet, spirulina also does have the potential to be able to prevent cancer and even cure it. The reason why health experts think this is possible is because this supplement contains a lot of antioxidants that can help boost up the immune sy