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one country relies on another for its oil

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If perhaps one country relies on another for its oil, the stability of that country may affect the price that is charged. When there are conflicts or embargoes are imposed, the price of crude and thus the price of diesel can go up. The customer who bids the highest will have its needs met, irrespective which of many possible factors caused a country to increase its prices. Travel volumes climb at specific times of the year, which signifies greater demand for fuel, which ultimately means that you will experience higher prices at the gas pumps.

Shortages in supply, no matter if these are brought on by war or by a supplier trying to impose its point of view, usually result in prices going up. This may be the way competing oil companies prefer to do business, but the one left to pay the bill is the consumer. Finding solutions to reduce your consumption of fuel is about the most effective thing a consumer can do.

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