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锘? What Americans can give to the victims and heroes of 911 is not all that different than what they gave after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. The nature of the offense to America is so radically different than it was on those who perished at Pearl Harbor that it requires a great deal more careful thought and discernment. The enemy that caused the events of 911 is positioned throughout the world and in the most cowardly way remains largely in hiding. They are empowered by hatred and the perverted notion that they are killing others for God. Cowardice and hiding has not made them any less a formidable enemy Authentic Erik Karlsson Jersey , in fact they have actually become a far more deadly enemy.

President Roosevelt was also known for saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Enter the modern terrorist. Fear is their stock in trade. America must walk constantly looking over its shoulder and glancing suspiciously into the eye of every stranger who is dressed differently or speaks an unfamiliar language. That fear spawns yet another fear that maybe measures taken to deal with the first fear may go too far and extremes by our own countrymen will bring dangers yet unseen. All this fear is just as deadly as nuclear fallout or the effects of a biological weapon. It strikes the heart the mind and indeed the very soul of America.

Although immorality, self indulgence and liberalism has assaulted America in this generation there is little doubt that enough brave, selfless and level headed Americans are left to rally. While across the rallying line the voices of the naysayers can be heard bellowing their objections and disapproval at least it is in a language we understand. While they are practicing their right to free expression we can be relatively sure that they wont use guns and bombs to make their point. The anti-war crowd is not likely to start a war. In the unlikely event that they do start a war it couldnt last very long, remember they are anti-war.

One of the first things America could start giving to the effort against terrorists is to show a little patience. When Boston was in the thick of the biggest excavation in American history, The Big Dig the city was torn up and all normal routes of travel were detoured Authentic Daniel Alfredsson Jersey , blocked or changed. An entire highway was being built under the city that left Bostonians wishing it would just cave in so they could get back to normal. Just outside one of its underground entrances near the center of Boston was a sign that read, Rome wasnt built in a day, if it were we would have hired their contractors, please be patient.

The policies and actions taken to defeat terrorism will not be built in a day but they are being built. Bush bashing, anti war rallying and complaining about airport security checks are symptomatic of a country in too much of a rush and pathologically self absorbed. Those are the conditions that terrorist counted on in the past to make their moves.

America could also give a great deal more care and respect to our soldiers especially those already fighting or providing support for those who are in the field. Nothing could be more demoralizing than a wishy washy American public to the psyche of a soldier in harms way. Whether you believe in the war is not nearly important as whether you believe in the soldier. If we equip our soldiers with the finest state of the art electronics and weaponry in the world and then bicker Authentic Craig Anderson Jersey , debate and dissimulate about the war he or she is fighting we are essentially tying a ball and chain around a streamlined warrior. These are our sons, brothers, sisters, daughters, classmates Authentic Clarke MacArthur Jersey , fellow workers, neighbors and citizensgive them a break. Dont mess with their courage, their faith or their resolve; it is their greatest source of strength.

Finally we could all try to retain at least a fair modicum of dignity. Hollywood, the movies, the music industry and the media in general are pouring out trash in volume all under the guise of giving people what they want. Most people that have a measure of self respect left still dont want our nation to be compared to or reduced to the level of a bunch of dogs in heat. Having fun is not a lifes calling or a part of the quest for the Holy Grail.

Unrest around the world Authentic Chris Neil Jersey , recent memories of 911 and the American penchant for faith in God and adherence to the teachings of the Bible have produced another concern for some people. It could be called the 55 watch. That is that at five years past 911 it looks like we are just five minutes from twelve on the prophetic clock. It is hard to argue with this idea and when our nation collectively enters into a denial about it, that in itself is yet another sign of its approach. The portent of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ have attached to them two main elements. The first is that many warnings will be sounded by ministries, ministers, prophets and Christians in general. The other unsettling promise about those events is that not many people will take heed to the voices of those doing the warning.