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锘? I have personally done article marketing for some time Maglia M’Baye Niang AC Milan , but it wasn’t before I started implementing this strategy I am about to lay out for you that I started experiencing massive results with it.

Like I personally did in the beginning, most people are leaving a lot of potential on the table when writing articles. Article writing takes a lot of time and dedication on your part, and what I’m going to teach you here are going to multiply your hard efforts tenfolds.

Where many people are dropping the ball is when the time comes to submitting their article. Because it is when the article is in fact created that the most important piece of the puzzle comes into play and it is time to submit it. And most people only post it to a couple of sites! Some actually limit themselves and only post their fresh, new article on for instance their blog and only there!

As previously mentioned Maglia Riccardo Montolivo AC Milan , the most imporant aspect starts after your article is written and you must now submit it to as many places as possible, thus giving you a lot more traffic from various sources. You will get traffic as a result of your main site ranking higher in the search engines since you’ll get more links back to it from your articles, and you will also get traffic from your articles directly.

I am about to show you some article marketing tips that will potentially boost your results from you article marketing efforts with several hundred procent.

Follow along closely for the 5-step article marketing process:

1. Create One Unique Piece Of Content
Write out your article just like you are used to. Remember that it has to be unique and written by you. In other words absolutely no copying off other articles and you cannot use PLR articles either. PLR’s are articles that are sold in bundles which you can republish free of charge. The challenge with buying articles like this is that others have bought them too and they are not unique any more. Luckily the article directories are getting quite good at picking up on these articles and they may ban your account if you use them, so stay away.

2. Submit Your Article To One Primary Location
Your first job after the article is written and done with is to submit it to one main site on the Internet somewhere. You can choose to put it on your own site Maglia Cristian Zapata AC Milan , and the choice would be your blog if you have one, or you could also put in out to an article directory that has a high page rank, like ezinearticles.

3. Bookmark Your Article
The third step in the process is to run the URL to the site where you just put your article through some good social bookmarking sites. This can both be done manually to each site, or there are also software out there that can semi-automate this for you. Do not contemplate too much in doing this correctly Maglia Andrea Poli AC Milan , just make sure you post to the largest sites, like delicious, digg and stumbleupon. This will give your article an instant boost with backlinks and traffic.

4. Create A Video And Promote Your Article
This article marketing tip is something very few people think about. The fourth step is to create a short and sweet video which are simply stating that you have created an article and that the viewer should go and take a look at it. This can be done with either shooting yourself on camera or you could make a screenshot video. This video should then be syndicated out to several of the largest video sharing sites, all linking back to your main article Maglia Rodrigo Ely AC Milan , giving it even more exposure and instant backlinks. This might also be done either manually or with the use of automation services.

5. Promote Your Main Article Through An Article Submission Process
The final step in this process is also the most important one to implement. Now it is time to leverage your efforts from that one article and get it out to tens and tens of different article sharing sites all providing backlinks to your main website where your original article is. The majority of article hosting sites in fact lets you put 2 links in every article, so you are now able to get tens of backlinks to two various pieces of content you have. This is the most vital thing you can do to put you on the fast-track to article marketing success, and most people have no idea that this is in fact possible to do.

You could just submit your original article to all of those sites, but the best thing here is actually to get a software that does the work for you. A software also lets you “spin” you article Maglia Alessio Romagnoli AC Milan , turning your one original article into a virtually unlimited number of more unique articles. What I mean by this is that you now take your original article and rewrite each sentence preferably at least two times, and the service will now automatically create unlimited variations of your content by picking out what to use randomly and put it together for you which will now say the exact same thing as your original content, but the wording will be completely different, making the article unique to the reader and to the search engines. This straight forward technique leverages the work you’ve done by creating one article exponentially and is extremely powerful!