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锘? Metal products industry Xiaolan Town Voetbalshirt Divock Origi Belgie , Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the traditional industries, as early as in 1986, Xiaolan Town, has been hailed as China s city of the south lock. After more than 20 years of development, Xiaolan metal products industry has been formed locks, gas appliance as a leader, on the upstream and downstream products and all kinds of accessories category range of 10 categories of hardware industries. In 2008, Xiaolan Town Hardware Plastic industry revenue of 150 billion yuan, accounting for 39.4 of the town industrial sales.

In 2002, the China National Hardware Association, Xiaolan Town, named the China National Hardware industry base. Given this title after the Xiaolan actively promote the accumulation of metal products industry, the development and optimization and upgrading, product constantly upgrading Voetbalshirt Sven Kums Belgie , value added continued to rise, the domestic market share continues to increase. At present, the solid edge , Hua feng two locks brand s market share for many years the industry for top; St. Paul, was awarded China s first brand nail clippers industry ; Vantage Gas Appliance Company for 13 consecutive years of sales in the same industry in the country ranked first; Evergreen s gas valve manufacturing standards have been set industry standards.

Led by the town government, Xiaolan Town, set up a joint development of hardware industry cluster and the establishment of a joint conference system for the development of industrial clusters. According to Die Network CEO Luo 100 hui is understood that the metals industry, Xiaolan Town, led by the lock hardware industries expanded to include the lock, gas appliance class, caster classes, hinge type, metal die casting class, spray plating, mold type , bathroom products category Voetbalshirt Jason Denayer Belgie , and other hardware products categories, as well as hardware accessories category of 10 Class relatively complete industrial chain of hardware to become the leading industry Xiaolan industrial economy.

In recent years, Xiaolan Town, efforts to increase policy guidance, to encourage enterprises to develop independent innovation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading hardware. Fiscal year the town come up with 6 million yuan of special funds to carry out technical innovation reward innovation, and create the name excellence, and established a provincial, city, town, three technical innovation awards support system. At the same time, set up a metal products industry, Zhongshan City Xiaolan Technology Center, to the lead, forming a provincial, city Voetbalshirt Dries Mertens Belgie , town, three Enterprise Technology Innovation Center, Enterprise Engineering Center as the main carrier of the technological innovation system, through its technical center improve the metal industry, core competitiveness. The past three years, the establishment of provincial and municipal levels Xiaolan cumulative enterprise technology centers and engineering centers to 73, access to award 10.7 million yuan, has established 106 township enterprise technology centers.

Establish and perfect a variety of science and technology intermediary service organizations, in order to promote industrial upgrading provides a services platform. Xiaolan Town, set up a Productivity Promotion Center , the Center established nine years ago, has been incubating technology service entity 33. In 2008, the Center of Science and Technology won the National Model Productivity Promotion Center, found that only one township to become the National Productivity Center.

Xiaolan Town, according to industry clusters common technology, key technology requirements Voetbalshirt Jean-Francois Gillet Belgie , product design company formed Hanyang, Hanyang Precision Mold Co., Ltd., with the S & P Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., matching company for hardware companies to provide deep processing services. According to statistics, Han Shin modern design and manufacturing service center every year more than 200 business services, designing new products 80, for the enterprise added industrial output value 150 million yuan, the new taxes more than 1000 million yuan.

At the same time, the establishment of innovation and development of SME credit guarantee Xiaolan Town, Co., Ltd. , with the town eight commercial banks to cooperate, in order to have the market prospects and development conditions of the financing difficulties of SMEs to solve the problem. The end of 2008, the security company s total amount of guarantee for up to 24 billion yuan Voetbalshirt Matz Sels Belgie , sales income directly to pull more than 110 billion yuan.

In addition, the town set up a hardware industry, Technology Center, South China University of Xiaolan Industrial Technology Research Institute and other institutions, enterprises and research institutions to promote cooperation in production and research. In the first half, Zhongshan Vantage Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. in the formation of the national gas with combustion simulation laboratory