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锘? Every year we turn our clocks ahead one hour in the spring. Then Doug Flutie Chargers Jersey , we turn them back again in the fall. While this might seem like a complete exercise in futility, it is a way of life in the U.S.A. and throughout most of the world.

As of 2007, daylight savings time has been extended. Now, every year we will enjoy three to four more weeks of longer afternoons. Still, the question remains in the minds of many, when does daylight savings time began, and equally as important, when does daylight savings time end?

Many of us are also confused about exactly what hour the time change takes place and some of us still have a difficulty remembering which direction to turn the clocks.

This article will take all the mysteries out of the spring ahead, fall back phenomenon. We will tell you when the time changes take place, why they take place, and we’ll even learn a surefire way to always remember what days to turn your clocks ahead and back.

When is daylight savings time?

Until recently, daylight savings time began on the first weekend in April. Now, with the new extended version, we start the DST part of the year on the second Sunday in March. We used to turn the clocks back right around Halloween. Usually, just a couple of days before, or even the night before Halloween.

Now, we don’t turn them back until the first weekend in November. So, we will have early evening daylight on Halloween. Many parents throughout the U.S.A. can see the advantage in this. However, this isn’t the sole reason why we make these bi-yearly time adjustments.

So Drew Kaser Jersey , why do we do it?

The main reason daylight savings time was instituted, right from the very beginning, was the fact that it saves energy. Making better use of the naturally lit hours of the day lets us leave our lights off longer. Many people engage in outdoor activities longer because of the extra sunlight, so they are not indoors where they are more apt to use electricity.

Anyone who has studied the subject has come to the same conclusion; daylight savings time saves energy. In fact, it is one of the few things that Democrats and Republicans don’t argue about in Congress. That is why just about everybody in congress voted to extend daylight savings time starting in 2007.

Is there any particular time the time changes?

Daylight savings time both begins and ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday morning. With the spring change, as the clock counts up from 1:59, it counts 57 seconds, 58 seconds, 59 seconds, 3:00 AM. During the fall change, at 2:00 AM the clock counts forward from 1:59, 57 seconds, 58 seconds, 59 seconds, 1:00 AM. For those of us who might still be awake, we get to enjoy the hour over again.

I still can’t figure out when to change the clocks!

Of course, many of us are still mixed up about when to turn the clocks ahead? Adding to the confusion is the fact we’ve changed the beginning of daylight savings time 3 times over the last 20 years. Thankfully, remembering when daylight savings time begins can be as easy as 1, 2 Matt Slauson Jersey , 3. Here’s what I mean. The first time change of the year (1), happens on the second Sunday (2) of the third month (3). Now that’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

To remember when it ends, just remember the football cheer, “we’re number 1.” Or still better, the abbreviation for number, “we’re no. 1,” as in the first two letters of November. So, this cheer will remind you to change the clocks on the first Sunday of No.

Ah yes! But how do remember which way to turn the clocks? Well of course, the old standard spring ahead and fall back still applies, but I never thought that adage was foolproof. I mean it is possible for a person to spring back, or even fall ahead. So here’s one that’s a little bit better. Just remember the Army Sergeant’s command, “forward, March!” Get it? It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

I didn’t really come up with one to replace fallback, but you’re going to have to learn one because as far as daylight savings is concerned, there’s no turning back now. Hey! That’s a good one! We could even shorten it Brandon Mebane Jersey , No turn back!

So, you see, daylight savings really does have a purpose and it’s not a bad thing at all. Remembering when to change the clocks can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Along with “forward March” and “we’re No.1” along with “No turn back.” Now, don’t you just wish it were the second Sunday in March? After all, who likes sunset at 6 o’clock?
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