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The Fringe Division’s work often intersects with advanced biotechnology developed by a company called Massive Dynamic, founded by Walter’s former partner, Dr. William Bell and run by their common friend , Nina Sharp. The team is also watched silently by a group of bald, pale men who call themselves “Observers”.
Season 1 introduces the Fringe Division as they investigate cases that form “the Pattern”, many orchestrated by the bioterrorist organization, ZFT (Zerst?rung durch Fortschritte der Technologie, or in English, Destruction through advances in technology).

While the September 11 attacks still occurred in the parallel universe , only the White House and The Pentagon were attacked, and the World Trade Center remains standing. Other changes exist in the parallel universe’s popular culture; Eric Stoltz stars in Back to the Future, and the musical Dogs has replaced Cats as the longest running Broadway musical. The show’s producers contacted DC Comics to create a series of parallel universe comic covers, slightly varying the original publications such as from Crisis on Infinite Earths and The Dark Knight Returns.

Prior to commercial breaks, a brief image of a glyph is shown. Abrams revealed in an interview that the glyphs had a hidden meaning. “It’s something that we’re doing for people who care to figure it out and follow it, but it’s not something that a viewer has to consider when they watch the show.” Abrams also revealed that the seemingly unrelated frogs which have the Greek letter Phi (?) imprinted on their back appeared in promos for the show have significance within the context of the series , saying “it’s part of the code of the show.”

In Season 2, the occurrences are found to be in conjunction with activities of a parallel universe