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Kerry spent the majority of his career wrestling in World Class Championship Wrestling and participated in well known feuds such as those against Gino Hernandez, Iceman Parsons, Chris Adams and The Fabulous Freebirds.

Kerrys popularity came mainly after taking the NWA World Heavyweight Title from Ric Flair at the David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions; a tribute show to honor David. Kerry also worked for the WWF and Global Wrestling Federation.

But on the 4th of June 1986 , Kerry had a motorcycle accident (reportedly riding barefoot striking a parked vehicle) and risked his life. Kerry ended up with a dislocated hip and a badly injured right leg. Doctors tried hard, but nothing could be done to save his foot which had to be amputated after (according to his brother Kevin) injuring it again following surgery by attempting to walk on it prematurely. Kerry was able to continue wrestling after the accident with prosthesis but kept the amputation secret to the majority of fans and fellow wrestlers; even showering with his boots on to hide this.

Kerry had drug problems after his accident left him with painkiller and cocaine addiction and this led to two arrests, the first of which resulted in probation. The second came after he was caught in possession of cocaine. This violated the probation and would leave him with an extensive jail time. This, and the fact that his marriage was broken and thus committed suicide that same day of arrest by a shot to the heart in 1993 on his fathers ranch.

Mike Von Erich (1964-1987 aged 23)

After suffering a shoulder injury in 1985 on a wrestling tour, Mike was forced to have surgery. Even though he seemed to have recovered from it , he developed high fever four days later and was discovered to be suffering from Toxic shock syndrome. According to Ric Flair, Mike was forced back into the ring by Fritz much too early. Eventually, Mike had to retire after not being able to return to the ring at full strength anymore and had been losing body mass. Probably this was the cause of his decision to commit suicide in 1987 by and intentional overdose of a tranquilizer.

Chris Von Erich (1969-1991 aged 21)

Chris, the youngest in the family, wanted to become a wrestler and follow his brothers success but his build did not help him much. Being the shortest (suffered from asthma which limited his growth to 56) and least athletic of the Von Erich family , he made many attempts to succeed in wrestling due to his love of wrestling that kept him trying despite numerous injuries. He managed one major feud with Percy Pringle in the USWAWorld Class, but his career didnt take off like the rest of the familys.

Chris was very close to his brother Mike and his death had a hard impact on him. This along with the fact that he could not live up with his lack of success made him depressed and frustrated leading him to commit suicide in 1991 by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.