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  What is , How to & Tips | Is Fage Greek Yogurt Good For You? Choosing Between Greek Yogurt and Traditional Yogurt

Ever since the veritable Greek yogurt explosion of a few years ago, with Fage leading the way, Americans have flocked to the multiple varieties that suddenly took up shelf space in supermarkets. Although Fage gas since given up much of its market share to Chobani (due to the vagaries of marketing and promotion) they should be credited with bringing the healthy Mediterranean treat to the Western audience.

Just how healthy Greek yogurt is for you is easy to gauge at first glance. Theres the protein – which weve already talked about – and then the low number of calories. The milk used is all-natural and comes from normal cows – none of those super beefed-up bovids that have artificial hormones running through their blood. The calcium you get is invaluable; especially for women because of their strong tendency towards osteoporosis as they age.

What Makes Greek Yogurt So Healthy

The short answer to is Fage good for you is a resounding yes! First of all, you can use Greek yogurt to lose weight because of the minimal calorie content, zero carbohydrates and extra protein. Indeed; a single cup of Fage Total can yield half the daily recommended value of protein for a woman!

Furthermore, there are other Fage Greek yogurt health benefits in the form of probiotics. These bacterial cultures are known to aid your digestive health , and theres strong evidence that some of the other ingredients actively induce fat burning around the midsection. Of course, all of these things work better with a moderate program (at least) of exercise, and a good diet besides.

Its important to realize that the plain version of Greek yogurt doesnt have any carbs, so you should consider some of the many possible addendums that can spruce it up and provide you with some of the energy youll need for the day to come – assuming you like a cup of Fage for breakfast. Oats or granola are good choices, as well as a wide range of fruits – peaches, apple , plums, banana, etc. They provide a nice balance to the bodys need for protein to repair and build muscle, with the energy to do so (provided by the carbohydrates).

Does Fage Come with Different Flavors

Yes! Alternatively, you can just pick up some Fage yogurt with honey; or one of the fruit varieties. Although it will cost you some protein, it will get you some much needed complex carbs to power through the early-morning drudgery.

The other option you have with Greek yogurt is the ability to use it as a substitute for many things in the kitchen – such as condiments. The rich , creamy taste works well as an alternative to fat-laden cream cheese, for starters. There are plenty of recipes on the primary website, which allows you to experiment with a range of different flavors and concoctions

Questions on the Horizon

Unfortunately, in recent monthsyears, because of the pressure of the American economy to compete – moreso than any other free market economy in the world, arguably – Fage and other greek yogurt companies have altered some of the ingredients , to the point that theyve hardly become recognizable. These Greek yogurts have inspired lawsuits, which claim that the procurers are no longer Greek enough because of the many additions to their original.

Although some of the lawsuits have been dismissed, they raise some serious questions about exactly which brands are good for you. Perhaps in response to this new public wave, Whole Foods recently pulled Chobani Greek yogurt from its shelves – although the official word is that this move was done merely to create room for new products on the competitive shelf space medium.

Other complaints seem to be a bit more spurious, such as the issue some consumers have with the claim that the Greek yogurt sold by Chobani isnt even manufactured in Greece, thereby constituting false advertising. Of course , Thomas English muffins and French fries arent made in Europe, so the legal response to those complaints was as expected: the are without merit.

Most people understand – and accept – that Greek yogurt need not actually be made in Greece in order to actually warrant the designation. the real concern is that it actually contains the right stuff. For my money, Id stick with Fage, which hasnt seen the same number of complaints against the core of its business as Chobani or Siggis – the other Mediterranean standouts.