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The golf carts can not exit onto the fairways

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锘? Boys have teddy bears and action figures while girls have dolls. Not much has changed throughout the years even if computer games have been invented because there should always be something that distinguishes between being masculine and feminine. One of the most popular dolls ever to hit the market is Barbie. The physical characteristics of this toy has not changed and girls can buy one and then just buy the accessories such as the clothes and shoes making Barbie fashionable for any occasion. Barbie can be purchased at the toy section of the department store , other retail outlets and even online from the official company website. This allows the girl to go for other items including the dollhouse, the car, the boat and Ken so the girl can let the couple go off on a romantic adventure. Since the doll itself doesn’t age, the kid can prepare Barbie with clothes for the first day of school, partying at the beach or attending a formal ball. There are so many places this doll can go turning the mannequin from the girl next door to the life of the party. If the cost of getting the additional accessories is too expensive, there is another way to play dress up Barbie. The developers of this toy have also made it available online so the child can choose which clothes to wear and then drag this to Barbie. This can be interchanged over and over again if the look isn’t quite right. There are over 5 different games online which even includes putting the right shade of makeup and lipstick. Now, that is something that can’t be done with the doll in one’s hand. Whichever mode of dress up Barbie the girl chooses to play, the experience itself promises to be both fun and exciting. It can help a girl learn to choose the right clothes to wear given the occasion at the same time teach child what is fashionable and what is not when it is also time to find the appropriate outfit for going out. Barbie is known throughout the world. In fact, this doll is even sold wearing the native outfit of the country. With the Christmas season coming, perhaps this will be a nice gift to the little girl so the child will also be able to enjoy the wonders of playing dress up like mom once did as a child. If you’re into Barbie dolls , then you might as well familiarize yourself everything about Barbie. A brief but intensive knowledge about Barbie, her history, and her makers will definitely help you in you pursuit of becoming a Barbie collector. Barbie was designed and created by Ruth Handler based on a “Lilli doll” and was marketed as a “teenage fashion doll.” The full name of “Barbie” is Barbara Millicent Roberts born of George and Margaret Roberts of Willows, Wisconsin. She is said to attend Willows High School in Willows in Wisconsin and Manhattan International High School in New York City. She was introduced in March 9, 1959 by Mattel, Inc. at the American International Toy Fair and from then on, Barbie became the best-selling doll in the world. Barbie holds a pilot’s license and known to operate commercial airliners when she is off duty as a flight attendant. Because of her job, Barbie is known for having lots of friends that are of ethnically diverse and social circle that include the Hispanic Teresa, African-American Christie and Steven (Christie’s beau), and Kayla. But among these , the most popular companion of Barbie is her long-time boyfriend, Ken Carson, who followed her debut in 1961. Aside from her love for flying, Barbie also loves animals, thus, she has 38 recorded pets like cats, dogs, horses, panda, lion cub , and a zebra. Known for her modern and lavish lifestyle, Barbie owns convertibles, trailers, jeeps and other expensive vehicles under her belt. BEYOND THE DOLL Aside from the lovable collections of Barbie dolls that were created and launched over the years, fans of Barbie couldn’t just get enough of her, thus, many of them created various stuff that are related to the doll. Some of these are merchandise, mementos, movies, and other souvenir items. But among these , the most popular thing that was invented because of Barbie is the dress up Barbie doll game. This game has become popular to young girls and even to those girls who are young at heart. Dress up Barbie doll game enables the player to dress up Barbie in trendy clothes with marching hairdos. This game also lets you dress up your choice of Barbie doll and lets you have an interactive experience with other players. Aside from letting you dress up Barbie in any fashion you want, this dress up Barbie doll game also lets you change the color of the doll’s hair, lip, and cheeks. If you want to change everything, you can easily reset the game by manipulating the buttons.