We organise amazing small-group horse riding adventures in Mongolia

Adventures, not tours.

No hotels, no hot showers, no tourism, just fantastic riding and hiking, and fascinating culture in an untouched corner of the world!



***COVID-19 Updates***

28th April 2020: It is still unclear as to whether travel will be possible this season. Currently Mongolia and Kazakhstan are in lock-down, and the borders are closed. We are watching the situation, but our scheduled trips may not run this year, either because of ongoing travel restrictions, or simply low numbers of people wishing to travel.

Kazakhstan has suspended visa-free travel until the end of November, and will require a negative virus test in order to obtain a visa. In Mongolia there are issues around domestic flight availability.

Keep in mind that even if you are willing and able to travel this year, you may face quarantine upon your return home.

Having said that, our local teams are ready and waiting to ride with you as soon as travel is possible.

24th March 2020: At this stage we are adopting a wait and see policy, rather than cancelling trips. We would prefer to run our trips as planned if at all possible, for the sake of our local staff (and you of course). However it is looking increasingly likely that at least our early-season trips will be unable to run, due to continuing travel restrictions and turmoil in the flight industry. 

20th March 2020: Our main concern in these troubled times is supporting our local teams in Mongolia and beyond. Over the past 16 years our riders have helped our fantastic staff to build sustainable livelihoods, and we are not about to let a wee virus put a stop to that. Rest assured that we are here for the long-haul.

18th March 2020: We have introduced a new flexible cancellation policy. If you have already paid a deposit, you may either request a full refund, or a 110% credit toward a future trip. Details here>>

16th March 2020: We will be posting updates here as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on international travel.


Zavkhan Trekking is a Mongolian-New Zealand partnership, offering you the opportunity to get far off the beaten track and explore Mongolia and Kazakhstan, and beyond, in the most authentic way possible - by horse. If you are an experienced rider, you will love the local horses and the unparalleled riding country. If you are not a rider, but an adventurous traveller who wants to experience Mongolia or Kazakhstan by horse, then you are also in the right place.


Check out our special discounts for early bookings (before February 2020) and for returning riders. Details below.


Top 6 reasons to experience Mongolia or Kazakhstan with Zavkhan Trekking:

  1. Small group travel - team up with adventurous travellers just like you (max group size ten people for our riding trips).
  2. Fantastic riding - to really experience this region the best way is on horseback, and these are the world's best horses! Don't worry if you're not a rider.
  3. Off the beaten track - come adventuring with us to remote areas where tourism is yet to reach.
  4. Unspoilt culture - our local team will immerse you in their fascinating nomadic lifestyle.
  5. Safety - when we say remote we mean really remote, so your safety and enjoyment while riding with Zavkhan Trekking is our priority.
  6. Experience - 2020 will be our 16th year of running treks in this part of the world, so you can trust our team to give you a truly memorable adventure.


If the thought of riding off over the horizon on a horse doesn't fill you with joy, perhaps a ground-based hiking trip will be more to your liking. Ask us what we can do.

If you've already experienced Mongolia with us then how about joining us on a trek in Kazakhstan. Don't know anything about the place? Trust us, it's an undiscovered trekking paradise! 

Contact us now to talk about your ultimate riding adventure.

Celebrating 16 years of adventuring in 2020!

Zavkhan Trekking has spent the last 16 years building up our trekking routes and relationships with the local people (we don't like to rush things). We can now safely say we are leaders in arranging unforgettable horse riding and hiking adventures in Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

Small-group horse riding and hiking adventures in Mongolia and Kazakhstan

We trek in two of the least visited regions of Mongolia:  Zavkhan, and the Altai Mountains. These are challenging areas to reach and to travel in, which is why there has been almost no tourism development. But if you are prepared to camp out under the stars, to cook over an open fire, and ride wherever the trail may take you, then let's go!

Since 2015 we have been discovering the wonders of eastern Kazakhstan. Geographically just over the hill, and culturally linked to the people of western Mongolia, it really is a world away in terms of the landscape. Think dense forests, high mountains and lush pastures up to your horse's belly. And best of all almost no one else goes there!

Trekking Zavkhan-style

Our treks are not your typical organised group tour. We call our trip-style 'non-itinerised', which means that once we set off, we don't follow the same old routes, allowing us to make the most of whatever adventures may come our way. Our trips are not for everyone - if you're not sure you will enjoy this style of travel please talk to us.

It's not just the great riding and hiking, but also the people and their fascinating culture that makes this part of the world so special. We strongly believe that they should benefit from your visit, and we are working toward a long-term relationship with local nomadic families. In the Altai we are establishing a community garden project as a way of saying thanks for letting us visit. By keeping our groups small (max 10 people), we also hope to minimise our impact on the environment.

We look forward to riding with you in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, or Russia in 2020!


Special Deals

Book before the end of January 2020, for our 2020 season, and receive a 5% early booking discount (only your deposit is required by January). Our friends in Mongolia and Kazakhstan are not full-time tourism industry professionals, they are local herders, rangers, and countryside folk - giving them plenty of time to plan around their seasonal activities is helpful.

If you’ve been on a trek with us before, and would like to come back and ride with us again, we now have a 10% Mates Rate discount. One of the major reasons our trips work so well is that they attract interesting, adventurous people like you. We know that if you are keen to come and ride with us again (another country, another part of Mongolia), you are definitely the sort of person we like to have on our trips!

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I have been recommending this trip to everyone (sadly most of them think I’m out of my mind). But I had a SERIOUSLY EXCELLENT time which will be with me for the rest of my life.

Lucy, from Jersey




Loved it! Thank you. All staff involved in the actual trip were excellent.

Margy, from The UK




I have to say that I was blown away by the trek, particularly the local relationships you have forged over the years to bring together such a strong and cohesive team that really made the trip so special.

Jo, from Australia

Zavkhan Classic & Road Trip 2014




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