How long do we typically spend in the saddle each day?

It is difficult to describe a typical day, as they vary so much. Around six hours is about right for most people. We often set out at the start of the day with no clear idea of where we might end up, but ideally we like to make camp no later than four in the afternoon. That gives us plenty of time to relax at the end of the day. If you haven't had enough riding by then, there is always the opportunity to ride out from camp in the evening, perhaps as part of a foraging party looking for local herders to trade with for milk and yoghurt.

The amount of time you can comfortably spend in the saddle depends on the pace too. Six hours of walking makes for a very long day. A mix of walking, trotting and cantering, with galloping for the confident riders, eats up the miles and makes the day fly by, and is our preferred way to travel.

We have rest days along the way, such as at the abandoned mountain spa in Zavkhan, where you can hike, fish, ride some more, soak in the baths or just read a book. If we feel the group is up to it, we will offer you the chance to try completely new routes some days. You do need to be prepared for some longer days when doing this. On a 'normal' day we would cover around 30-50km, depending on terrain.

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