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锘? If you have a small dog Adidas Darren Helm Jersey , then you more than likely already know all about the various small dog clothes that are out on the market today. However, in case you are not familiar with the items that are available, you should know that they include collars, coats, sweaters, costumes, shoes, shirts and dresses. These things can protect your dog from cuts Adidas Danny DeKeyser Jersey , scratches and bad weather. Once you see all of these items, you may be wondering just where all of these small dog clothes have come from.

The History Of Small Dog Clothes

The history of small dog clothes dates back to the time when King Arthur reigned Great Britain in 520 A.D. During this time, the knights’ horses wore clothing to protect them from external elements and attacks. Dogs were also being used as part of the military and in law enforcement. They also wore clothing to safeguard them from the surrounding environment and in case of an attack.

Today, not only do narcotic sniffing police dogs wear clothing, but there are also entire lines of small dog clothes available for you to choose from. These small dog clothes are great for families who have dogs as pets. Of course, just as fashion changes over the course of time, so does the various styles of small dog clothes that are available.

The Beauty Of Fashionable Dog Collars

Every dog needs to have a collar for holding its identification because if it ever gets lost, you will want to make sure that it can find its way back home to you. However Adidas Curtis Joseph Jersey , beyond simply being practical, these collars can also be quite fashionable. As such, this can be the most fashionable part of a small dog clothes’ wardrobe because, even when you do not have your pampered pooch all decked out in his small dog clothes, everyone can still see just how pampered and stylish he really is.

You can actually stop to think of this piece of small dog clothes as your dog’s jewelry. With this thought in mind, you will definitely want your small dog to have several of these collars. There is definitely a collar available in every style imaginable and for every occasion you may have. Of course, the dogs that are owned by celebrities actually tend to have the most fabulous-looking collars. This is because, just like everyone else Adidas Chris Chelios Jersey , the rich and famous truly enjoy splurging upon fashionable collars for their dogs.

The History Behind Fashionable Dog Collars

Over the course of history, people throughout the world have used fashionable dog collars that are made out of jewels, brass or velvet. This love of dogs is not something new. In fact, in the museum that is located inside of the Leeds Castle in England, there is a collection of dog collars displayed. These date as far back as to medieval times. These collars also contain some form of identification on them, much like we use on our dog tags today.

The Popularity Of Fashionable Dog Hats

Many people are shocked to see such small dog clothes as hats on dogs in their neighborhood. In fact, these small dog clothes oftentimes catch a lot of attention and admiration. Nevertheless, this is the most popular type of small dog clothes on the market today. The reason why people have their dog wear a hat varies from one person to the next and even from one culture to the next. Some of the most popular reasons for a dog to wear a hat are for protection from the weather outside or simply to make a fashion statement of sorts.

The History Behind Dog Hats

The history behind these small dog clothes goes back at least 27 Adidas Brett Hull Jersey ,000 years to the time of the Stone Age. At this time, small dog clothes were woven. They included such things as basket hats, caps, sashes and belts. There is archaeological evidence of this found in clay impressions. Evidence also exists in Eurpoe. At this time in history the people were dependent upon hunting and gathering for their food, so this type of clothing was more than likely an aid for them whenever they were getting their food supplies.

Then, in the late 1800’s the term “underneath hat” came to mean “keeping something secret.” This makes sense since women were the ones who wore hats in the late 1800’s. Of course, this idiom is still in effect today. However, today it is usually the spies and celebrities who are wearing hats because they do not want to be recognized by anyone.

As you can see Adidas Brendan Shanahan Jersey , hats tend to give us a sense of identity in this day and age. For instance, if you wear a baseball hat, you will know what team this person is rooting for. Of course, there are also hats that have the name of a famous designer on it or simply a phrase that will express who a person is.

Today, these things have also extended to small dog clothes. There are dog hats available for every taste and occasion. You can find dog hats with your favorite baseball, football, basketball or even hockey team’s logo on it. If these are not what you are looking for, then you can even find more fashion