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锘? If there s one thing that bugs me about the copywriting market is the lack of a standard measurement that copywriters need to meet in order to call themselves copywriters. Maybe it s the scientific part of me that says you should be able to measure just about anything. Or maybe it s just the onslaught of new copywriters I ve seen online who I honestly don t think deserve that title. Think about any other profession adidas superstar hvid sort , even real estate, you need to take license exams or complete some course that allows you to attach a title to your name. But for copywriting, you can take that name at will. Now I m not going to pretend as though I have no self interest in requiring this benchmark. I want the industry to recognize some standard and so customers can cut through the confusion and know the quality of a copywriter they are working with. But more so, I see the industry being watered down by title bearers without much qualification, if any at all. Now my suggested requirement may go against the very spirit of entrepreneurship. Most entrepreneurs think that formal education or any ?false standard should not define your success. In fact adidas superstar 2 str 37 , most business people will boast of their accomplishments without having attended college. But this is not just about education although it is. I would even go as far as suggesting a core set of books that copywriters should at least read before they carry a member card.