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2017 and 2016 steel market you are more optimistic about who?


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2017 and 2016 steel market you are more optimistic about who?1, steel profits too large, in early March this year, steel profits again reached 800 yuan / ton, the profit point is the death line of steel prices callback last year. Profit more than 800 yuan / ton price is difficult to maintain. Therefore, the price of steel started in mid-March is difficult to move up is inexcusable. And although many intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers are currently closed, high profits are driving more steel mills to start electric furnaces or tapering rolled products. In the context of high profits, it is not conducive to our country to complete the production capacity, mergers and acquisitions task. So the steel price is likely to bottom again;Barra Plana De Acero Inoxidable 40 Mm X 5 Mm Grado 3042, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, greater impact on emerging market countries. China is in a dilemma of investing money to stimulate the economy and collect money to prevent inflation from devaluing the renminbi. Now all countries in the world are pursuing a healthy economic system instead of pursuing an economy. Therefore, it is expected that the country will be cautious to stimulate the economy, the market will be more scarce funds, unfavorable bulk steel prices;hot rolled stainless steel sheet grade 310S3, Beijing just announced the New Deal real estate, weakened the liquidity of commercial housing, suppressed real estate speculation and called on the country to learn from Beijing. The real estate bubble has reached the point where it has to stop it. Weak liquidity has frustrated housing prices and narrowed the market, which is not good for steel prices. In fact, on the future of steel prices, a substantial discount from the futures, period spiral 1710 once reached 500 yuan / ton rate of discount still no one dared to see how much we expect the poor.S.S Aisi 310 Stainless Steel Pipe In Low PriceSteel market in 17 years there are still more opportunities, but 17 years will not be unilateral market, it is possible to achieve the second dip in steel prices, to be steel capacity to go, the merger and reorganization of the task is completed, steel or will once again welcome To a wave of magnificent market. Quotes grasp, just entered in April, I believe short-term steel prices will not be improved, it is recommended that you do not stockpile recently. When the profits of steel mills fall to less than 150, and the profitability of iron ore and coke is not high, it is advisable to stock up goods at the best time in late July and early August.China wholesale ss316 stainless steel pipe price per kg