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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN Heren Air Force 1 Deconstruct PRM Zwart Kopen , Jan. 26 (Xinhua)—Patrick Puchegger, 20, who has been playing for Bayern Munich II, Austria national under 19 and under 20 squads Heren Air Force 1 Deconstruct PRM Grijs Kopen , has the following interview with Xinhua on sport and school, injury and training, individual competition and teamwork.

Xinhua: Millions of youngsters around the world dream of becoming a professional footballer. We all know it’s no easy. You’ve gone through some tough times after suffering ruptured cruciate ligaments in the middle of July last year. How long does it take to return to full fitness?

Puchegger: We’re talking about seven to eight months . . .

Xinhua: . . . that sounds like ages - did you at any time think your dream was over?

Puchegger: It’s none too pleasant when something like that happens. But there are many examples of other - even older footballers - that came back. But it’s a long time - you’re right - and you have to be patient and keep working hard which is tough when you see your colleagues running around outside whist you’re lifting weights or something similar.

Xinhua: Did you talk to other players that had suffered a similar injury?

Puchegger: Sebastian Rode, the midfielder in the senior squad went through something similar. He told me that it’s not the end and that that you can come back and play for many years. It was a great help when you’re down in the dumps. At first Heren Air Force 1 HI Premium Goud Kopen , you hope it’s nothing serious but then you realize the full extent after all the medical examinations. That’s a moment when your head is awash with thoughts.

Xinhua: So it helps when you see other players that have recovered from such an injury?

Puchegger: You think about other players that have returned and it tells you, it’s not the end.

Xinhua: How did the injury happen?

Puchegger: I had the ball - two opponents around me - one in front and one behind. I stopped and then stepped forward and my knee somehow bent inwards. That was it.

Xinhua: What about your thoughts? Do young players prepare themselves in any way for such an injury?

Puchegger: You don`t think about it. I never had any problems before. You can`t prepare. What you do is: You think about the situation and try to imagine what to do best. What would have been the better solution for a particular situation. In my case the solution was: Maybe pass the ball quicker.

Xinhua: Meaning you could avoid such injuries - many young players want to know?

Puchegger: Injuries - no matter which - are part and parcel of sports. You can get a similar injury when you walk downstairs at home. In sports, you have to get over it in your head - you just have to. Otherwise you won`t be the same as before. And it’d mean you won’t go as far in football, or other sports Dames Air Force 1 Mid Wit Groen Kopen , as you want. The most important thing is to get moral support and really want to get back playing. You have to realize that it’s not the end especially when considering the medical possibilities we have today.

Xinhua: Do you now - after the injury - take better care of your body?

Puchegger: Playing for a club such as Bayern Munich you learn that every day, but after an injury like this, you learn there’s always something more you can do. Learning to listen to your body is something very important. I’ve learnt a lot through the injury, that’s the positive thing about it. You learn maybe a bit more that your body is your most valuable asset. So always warm up thoroughly and be patient when you’re injured.

Xinhua: Injuries Air Force 1 Flyknit Laag Wit Kopen , you say, happen - is it vital for young players that you have an alternative if things don’t work out - meaning one besides sports or football?

Puchegger: Every young footballer should bear in mind that they might fail and they should finish school. Take me, I’m now 20 and will try over the next two, three to four years to make it. If I don?t make it here at Bayern with its world class squad Air Force 1 Flyknit Laag Zwart Kopen , I can still play in other top teams. Playing football is not only work and sweat, it’s fun, it’s something that gives me a great deal because it’s a team sport. It might be hard sometimes to combine school and training but I don?t regret anything. Playing football is a passion for and it’s something that gives me deep satisfaction.


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