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Trout Remains Positive During First Extended Slump - RealGM Wiretap
Mike Trout is struggling for the first career in his Major League career.

He is just 12-for-65 in May. Trout leads the American League with 56 strikeouts this season.

“I’ve been going through a rough stretch , but it’s baseball and I’ve still got 400 more at-bats,” Trout said. “[I am] just staying positive. We’re winning. It’s not like we’re losing.”

The Los Angeles Angels are 12-7 this month and six games over .500. Albert Pujols has offered Trout some advice on battling slumps.

“Just keeping me calm a little bit and not being too anxious,” Trout said. “When he’s hitting behind me, he’s in the on-deck circle and if I swing through a pitch, he keeps positive and makes me shorten up a little bit.”

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